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Welcome to Paramount Enterprises your Office Phone Systems company based in Greater London, We have been serving organisations in the UK for over 15 years. As an all round one stop Technology company we also have expert consultants in the following fields. Hosted VOIP PBX, Network Security, Business Software, Mobile Phones & Data Cabling Networks Company near me. We are here so that businesses no longer have to go to many companies to deal with their entire Digital Transformation and Unified Communications solutions. Which you will need to take your company into the next decade.

We have been established to guide organisations of all sizes through the many Technology advancements within the Telecommunications and all other related industries within this marketplace.

Paramount Enterprises Why Are We Here:

Most businesses that we have spoken to are finding it difficult to fully understand the many new technologies that have become available over the last 10 years. Everyone is saying that their solution is what your organisation needs. While you have enough already to deal with, making your company do the targets it has set itself.

Does this sound like you, are you feeling me. I fully understand what you are going through as it is the same for us when we need to buy things for our business and we do not really know the industry. We decided to become experts in our industries, and to recruit experts for the markets we are not.

So we make sure to stay ahead of the changes in the technology & telecommunications marketplaces. This allows us to deliver not only the correct solution, but also to deliver a return on your investment.


Digital Transformation Technology Services Offered:

Listed below are some of the major areas of the future Voice and Data Communication solutions that we at Paramount Enterprises are here to aid and prove an asset to you with. As you will see we cover the majority of the technologies a business needs to correspond with their customers properly, and to work more effectively.

You will find information on our ranges with a clickable link to go to that section main page for more information on that particular subject. In this age of Digital Transformation it is paramount that before you make any vital purchase that you get enough information and the correct advice. 

We have long and mutually beneficial partnerships with many of the leading Manufacturers, Networks and Solution Providers in these industries. That is why no matter the size or depth of your requirements, we will be able to prepare and deliver on the most complex digital technology solutions.


Business Telephone Systems London:

There are a number of business telephone systems near me to choose from. When deciding which office phone system is correct for your organisation there are a few things you need to consider. They are how often will you be using the phones, what regulations do we need to satisfy. How do we need to communicate effectively with our customers and make our staff more productive.

Also the plan growth and expansion of your organisation will it be able to grow with you. This is very important thing to consider as it will save you having to replace your Telephone System sooner than you planned.

Analogue Telephone Systems:

These are good small business telephone systems and for organisations who do not make a lot of telephone calls. Also if you do not need all the advanced features of the other types of office phone systems. They still have many features useful to make your telecommunications run smoothly.

Panasonic Business Telephone Systems are one of the leading manufacturers of analogue business phone systems in London and the surrounding areas. They are known for their reliability and ease of use, there are 2 models to choose from which both make good small business office phone systems.

Panasonic Business Telephone Systems London, Analogue and VOIP
Panasonic Business Telephone Systems London, Analogue and VOIP
  1. Panasonic KX-TEA308 Telephone System is the entry model it has 3 telephone lines and 8 extensions. You can use Panasonic’s telephone handsets, either desktop or cordless, with the added benefit of being able to use standard analogue phones if needed. Some of the features of this Panasonic telephone system are music on hold, door phone intercom and automatic fax detection.
  2. Panasonic KX-TES824 Business Telephone System is the big brother this Panasonic office phone system can expand to 8 lines and 24 extensions. The system comes with built-in DISA / Message on busy, extension caller ID, Remote Modem and USB port for PC Programming. Both telephone systems will need to be installed on your premises and a maintenance contract will be needed also. It is a perfect small business telephone system.
PBX Telephone Systems:

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange these PBX Telephone Systems London, are state of the art and easy to use. They are fully digital telephone systems with many advanced features if needed. They have all the facilities and unified communications functions for a Medium Business Telephone System.

These include the following: 1) Call Recording, 2) Call Management, 3) Remote / Home Worker, 4) Conferencing, 5) Customer Waiting Queues, 6) The ability to connect analogue devices. The system can be installed in a number of different configurations. NEC Business Telephone Systems are a leading manufacturer in this sector of the market. The reason being is that NEC Telephone System offer first class communications plus are able to handle all the demands of a medium business telephone systems.

NEC SL1100 /1200 Business Telephone Systems London, Hybrid and VOIP
NEC SL1100 /1200 Business Telephone Systems London, Hybrid and VOIP

NEC SL1100 Business Telephone Systems give you corporate functionality within a medium business phone system. It can work with standard keyphones, cordless phones and mobile phones giving your organisation totally freedom in their set up. These PBX Phone Systems have to be professionally installed and need a maintenance contract for them.

VOIP IP PBX Business Telephone Systems:

Voice Over Internet Protocol = VOIP IP PBX Telephone Systems are the latest of the telecommunication technologies to come to the market. People still ask us What is VOIP? These VOIP phone systems deliver your calls over the internet, making the cost more cheaper. With these office phone systems you have to make sure that your Network has both significant bandwidth, but also that it is configured correctly. This is so you and your customers can make crystal clear calls.

They do not use normal Analogue or ISDN Telephone Lines. These systems work via what are known as SIP Trunks these enable you to both get quality calls plus they will save you money over ISDN line rentals. One of the major manufacturers are 3CX VOIP Telephone Systems who offering is leading edge. They make the transition to a VOIP phone system go smoothly.

You get access to all the latest telecommunication features when you decide to buy a 3CX VOIP PBX Phone System. They also need to be professionally installed.

Hosted VOIP Telephone Systems:

Hosted VOIP Business Telephone Systems are unique because you do not need any hardware about from VOIP / SIP Telephones everything else is based in the cloud. Hosted IP VOIP Phone Systems are suitable for organisations of all sizes as they are very easily expandable. So from the start all the way to the perfect Large Business Telephone Systems it can be configured to suit you all.

You will have access to all the needed features of a corporate telephone system. Can be a very good solution for companies with one than one site or who have home or remote workers. As the network can be access securely via the internet. This solution will save your company money as there is no major hardware to buy or to be installed. 3CX Hosted VOIP Telephone Systems are one of the leading products in this marketplace.

Hybrid Business Telephone Systems London:

Hybrid Telephone Systems are the most versatile of all the systems available. This is because they can be made up of PBX, VOIP or KSU elements depending on your requirements. They offer you the best of both worlds with their versatility. These are powerful communications solutions that give you the efficient, easy to deploy mobile technology that you need.

NEC Business Telephone Systems Greater London
NEC Business Telephone Systems Greater London

NEC Business Telephone Systems and Panasonic Business Telephone Systems both have produced outstanding solutions. These are at the leading edge of the Hybrid Office Phone system marketplace. No matter how big your company grows their telecommunications platform are both able to handle it while proving an asset to your organisation.


Voice, Wi-Fi & Data Cabling Networks Installations:

Your Data Cabling Network Installation is an extremely important part in your entire Digital Transformation solution. It is paramount that this is done correctly, as your entire communications infrastructure will rely on it. Our voice and data network cable installers have many years of experience and can deal with all of your requirements no matter how technical or large.

Some of the different data networks installations that we are able to offer to you are as follows:

  • Wireless Networks

    We offer both indoors and outdoors wireless network installations taking care of the entire process from start to finish. From survey, technical design, complete network installation plus after sales customer services we look after it all for you.

  • Data Cabling Installers

    We offer both Copper Data Cabling also known either as Ethernet Cabling or LAN Cabling. This as the name implies uses copper wires to transfer data from one channel to another. The most popular at present is Cat 5E cabling, there are also new ones developed they are Cat 6, 6a & Cat 7. The other network data cabling we offer is Fibre Optics Data Cabling which use glass fibres instead to send the information. It is more robust than copper and gives you a more compact form factors.

  • Network Hardware

    Through our partnerships with many of the leading manufacturers that supply the Network Hardware to be installed on the networks. We are professionally able to install Network Switches, Routers, Firewalls, WLAN Controllers and Wi-Fi Access Points. Thereby being able to offer your organisation a complete and thorough Data Cabling Network Hardware Installations.


Business Mobile Phones:

Best Business Mobile Phone Plans are what we look to give to our customers. We have partnerships with the major mobile networks plus the smart phone manufacturers. We supply EE Business Sim Only Deals, Vodafone Business Tariffs plus O2 Business plans. This way we give proposals based on your company’s business mobile phones requirements.

So if a Sim Only Business Deals is the best for your organisation then that is what we would recommend to you. When it comes to which mobile phones we supply most brands so for choice we have you covered.

Sim Only Business Mobile Phones Contracts:

With the rising cost of Smartphones a lot of companies are deciding to keep their current mobile handsets for a longer time. This is also because the functionality of these handsets are still current in what they can do so no need to keep changing your business mobile phones just for the sake of it.

So now the Mobile Phones Networks have created some very attractive mobile business contracts based on you keeping your current handsets. These sim only business contracts give your company all the voice and data that you will need without the additional cost of purchasing new mobile phones.

We supply Vodafone business mobiles sim only contracts, O2 business mobiles sim only contracts and EE business mobiles sim only contracts. So if you either need to upgrade or wold like to discuss a brand new contract, we can give a deal that will give you a return on your investment.

Business Mobile Phones & Smartphones Handsets:

There are a very large range of business mobile Smartphones and mobile feature phones available for you to choose from. They range from basic handsets to the all singing and dancing premium business smartphones. Also for those who work in construction or building works there are a range of very durable rugged mobile phone handsets made just for you.

We have access to most of the major mobile phone manufacturers ranges, including Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony, Doro, Energizer and Motorola to name a few of them. This enables us to offer a suitable mobile phones solution no matter your requirements or your company budget.

Business Mobile Phones Contracts:

We supply business mobile phones contracts from all the leading mobile networks. Vodafone has been at the for forefront of the mobile phone industry in the United Kingdom from the onset. Vodafone business mobile contracts offer simplicity that is easy to understand. They offer business mobile contracts to suit both small businesses and large organisations with an international presence.

O2 business mobiles phone contracts have always been sought after due to the outstanding mobile networks services and range of frequencies that they offer. Creating a suitable O2 mobile phone contract is easy as you just take the number of users, and add business mobile packages to suit your requirements. They have always strive to stay ahead of the competition with their enterprising solutions.

EE business mobile phones contracts have been developed so you as a customer will get a very cost-effective solution for your EE mobile phones contract. They were the first with 4G mobile networks and are looking to be at there at the start of the 5G mobile expansion that is starting in the United Kingdom this year. London, Manchester, Birmingham are some of the first major cities that will access to this new 5G mobile phone technology.

Business Broadband / Leased Lines:

We offer a wide choice of both Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines and ADSL Fibre Business Broadband packages for you. This is to make sure that we deliver that most suitable and cost-effective leased line cost for your dedicated line or business broadband subscription.

Depending on what you need to do on the internet, with your voice and data will determined the correct route for your company. We understand that it can be difficult for you as a customer knowing which connection route is best for your organisation.

Leased Lines Cost – Leased Line Providers:

Leased lines are also known as Private Circuits or data line is a dedicated private broadband connection between 2 sites. They are available in different size packages on a monthly rental basis. The leased lines cost is based on how much bandwidth you need and the distance between your place of business and the exchange.

You will have greater speeds and security for your data communications as you will not be sharing this leased line connection with anybody else. Worth considering if you have a large office with plenty of staff to connect, do financial trading or have the requirement to transfer a lot of data regularly.

Some of the lease line providers that we have a partnership with include but not restricted to Virgin Media Business, BT Business, Colt and Glide Telecommunications. This means we can always deliver the correct leased line cost and reliability for yourselves as our partners between them cover the majority of the country.

There are different types of Ethernet leased lines they are Ethernet in the first mile (EFM), Ethernet over fibre to the cabinet (EoFTTC) and Fibre Ethernet. We will survey and decide to the best one for your organisation.

ADSL Business Broadband / Business Fibre Broadband:

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line = ADSL2+ Broadband for business is a cost-effective way to have good internet access within your organisation. It runs on the same lines as your business telephones so no extra installation of phone lines are needed. There are a few packages available depending on your requirements starting from £15.00 per month.

If you need more speed then Business Fibre Broadband would be a better solution as it has more speed and runs over fibre optics. These cost slightly more but if you have a great data need then this would be the way to go.

We supply both of the above services from more than one supplier so we will get you the best business fibre broadband deal or ADSL2+ broadband packages. BT Openreach, Virgin Media Business, Spitfire Business are some of the suppliers who we can offer you packages from.

Best Solutions for a Trusted, Reliable & Secured Converged Unified Communications and Digital Mobiles Needs

Our goals which have been achieved was to make sure that we team up with the major manufacturers and suppliers within the above industries, therefore making us able to only propose solutions that will prove an asset to yourselves both now and in the future.

There are so many options to choose from that as a company it can be very confusing which solutions will prove best for you, by working with us at Paramount Enterprises you can be assured that we will be there every step of the way from first contact all the way to looking after you once your new solution has been installed.

For a mutual expert explanation click here to learn more about Unified Comms

To start on the road to being ahead of your competition and setting your organisation up for a future where both your customers and your staff are getting the service they deserve, please either complete the contact form with your enquiry or call us on 07851-961819 or 020-3488-1159 for an analysis of your current situation.