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Paramount Enterprises has created this IOT (Internet Of Things), VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), Telecommunications, Business Utilities, Mobile Phones, Broadband & Network Solutions Technology blog so that we can help you to work out the pros and cons of the many advancements in product development, that has happened recently and is continuing to do so at such a fast pace.

With us with many years of experience within the major technology industries still having to dedicate our time and resources to map out the correct solutions for our customers. You as the organisation looking to make sure that you purchase and install the most beneficial solution for yourselves, it must seem like a minefield out there right now.

No more it is our job as the professionals who have dedicated their careers to staying ahead of and researching the new networks and the hardware that connect to them. To make your journey and transition as you seek to improve your communications networks for both your customers and your staff go smoothly.

If you already have an rough idea of what you require and would like us to analyse your plans with you, then please visit Paramount Enterprises where you be able to be guided by our experts.

Paramount Enterprises Telecommunications & Data Technologies To Be Discussed:

Some of the subjects that we will be covering in our blog are as follows:

  • Business Telephone Systems (Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba)
  • Hosted VOIP (3CX, Voipon, Gamma)
  • Broadband (BT Openreach, Talk Talk Business, Virgin Media)
  • Line Rental (British Telecoms, Daisy Communications)
  • Business Utilities (Water, Waste Management, Gas & Electricity)
  • VOIP
  • Network Solutions
  • Network Security (Cisco, Microsoft, Symantec)
  • Voice and Data Networks (SIP Trunks, Ethernet, Lease Lines, ADSL, FTTC)
  • Mobile Phones (EE, O2 & Vodafone)
  • IOT (Internet of Things)
  • M2M (Machine To Machine)
  • Unified Communications
Paramount Enterprises Your Unified Communications, Network Solutions Experts
Paramount Enterprises Your Unified Communications, Network Solutions Experts

As you can see from the above list we will be giving advice, hints and tips on the majority of the markets that go together to make the user experience much more desirable. This is a great time to plan the next stage of your organisations’s communications as the equipment now available to you make it possible not only to improve your set up, but also to get a positive return on your investment. From now on having now found us at Paramount Enterprises Technology Solutions this will become a reality as we breakdown and explain in user friendly English, the positive and negative of each solution. If you have any questions or queries please either call us on 07851-961819 or complete the contact form with your enquiry

Line Rental

Business Line Rental There Has Never Been A Better Time To Analyse Your Bills

It is very important that organisations get their Business Line Rental expenditure analyse in the near future. Why you may ask as the same companies are supplying our services so why do we need to do that. You do because over the last 9 months many of the major providers have risen the cost of this service to you.

Some of those who have done so include British Telecoms, Plusnet, Sky, EE and Virgin Media, so you can see that if you do not check how much you are being charged right now you could be paying more than you need to. Do not put up with high bills and poor customer service when you do not have to anymore. They are too many suppliers offering both competitive prices and improved customer service so you win both ways as an organisation who prides giving great service to its own customers.

Business Line Rental At Competitive Prices Do Not Pay More Than You Need To
Business Line Rental At Competitive Prices Do Not Pay More Than You Need To

No matter if it is your telephone, broadband or any other type of business rental that you using always make sure that you are doing what is best for your company first and for most.

Best Line Rental Deals For Businesses

As we have shown you above unless you are on the ball and checking often, it can be so easy for suppliers to raise the standing charges that they bill you for. So how do you make sure that you are in with a chance of getting the right packages for your organisation.

First of all you need to contact a supplier who deals with a few different networks so that he can search around on your behalf for the best deal for you on your business line rental. This way you will be able to concentrate on growing your business and allow your new partners to keep you ahead of the price rises.

Paramount Enterprises have set themselves up this way giving ongoing support to our customers while making sure that on renewal they are signing up to the best package for them currently. We are offering a free analysis of your current rental expenditure to work out the savings available to you, then will do all of the things needed to make your change go smoothly.

Please call us today on +44 7851 961 819 to start leaving more money in your company.

Business Telephone Systems

Business Telephone Systems That Give Excellent Value For Money

Nowadays Business Telephone Systems are so much more than just a device to make and receive telephone calls. They have come such a long way that those that can still remember the basic functionality that they had, could never have imagined the things they can do today.

Their role in business today is more like a communications hub that can be connected to various different devices and systems to allow your organisation to fully benefit from the advancements in technology. Features like call recording, presence and remote working are all now just a matter of you deciding that what your business needs to do for it to be able to happen.

There are many major manufacturers who have provided solutions for companies of all sizes, allowing SME to compete with their larger corporate rivals. We are able to advice you on a wide range of different options, we have taken this route to market as we have found with our experience that one solution fits all does not work in the telecommunications industry.

Business Telephone Systems Solutions For Companies Of All Sizes
Business Telephone Systems Solutions For Companies Of All Sizes

What To Look For In Your New Telephone System For Your Business

This is according to our research the most important question that organisations need to work out first, as in our experience we have found that we have to work out what are you trying to achieve now plus where you see yourself in the future. Also how are you planning to locate your workforce in the future, your expansion plans also need to be noted. Then and only then would we be prepared to look at what would be the best solution for yourselves and make our recommendation.

To book a free analysis and consultation go to Paramount Enterprises main site and we will guide you step by step through the process of choosing your company’s new telephone system.


What Is VOIP

What Is VOIP And What Can It Do For Your Business?

The question on many people’s lips What Is VOIP and will it benefit my organisation moving forward according to our business plans and goals. Voice over IP is the engine that is driving the movement of all the new network technology and functionality now available for you. Now instead of your data needing to travel down one network and your telephone needing a totally separate one it is now been merged together to allow advancements that would have never been possible before.

It is the glue that allows you as a business to know that no matter if you require all of your staff in the office, or you would rather that some of them work from home. Even if your sales team is on the road most of the time you will be able to plan your next communications system knowing that everybody can be connected to one system.

What Is VoIP?

This is a short video that answers the question What is VoIP? (Voice over IP)

Voice over IP The Systems That Make Business Stand Out

Now no matter the size of your organisation you are able to set up an advanced telecommunications system at cost effective prices. Being able to control all the methods of how you deal with your customers from one infrastructure and one control panel will mean that keeping an eye on the business and effective reporting will also become easier for you to accomplish.

With so many different solutions available to choose it can be a very daunting for companies needing to make the right choice when they upgrade, making sure that you have not only planned for now but also the future. So before you start on this path for a new VOIP IP PBX or Hosted solution visit our main site through the link for more information or call us on +44 7851 961819 where we will listen to your requirements and together we will come up with a system that not only will do everything that you need but also give you a return on your investment.

Let Paramount Enterprises make your organisation stand out from the competition in 2017. If you need to read more about VOIP click on the link. Remember we are here for you and that you are not expected to make all of these critical decisions without expert advice.