Business Telephone Systems London Is VOIP or IP PBX Best For You

Which Business Telephone Systems London Technology Is Right In The Digital Transformation Age 2019


Business Telephone Systems  London are searching for organisations who are looking to not only improve their telecommunications, voice and data platform. They are also looking to both improve their customers experience while providing themselves a return on your investment.

With such a massive decision in front of you when deciding it is time to upgrade or change your Voice & Data Networks including the communications system that has to perform on top of it. I fully understand how this can look like a daunting experience trying to decide which technology solutions will prove best for your organisation.



Security is always going to be one of your major concerns as the last thing that you need to do is leave your company vulnerable to the many threats now out there. So you know that it will be crucial that the Digital Network that you choose can deal with this.

Cost is another concern I can hear you saying, does that sound like you considering how much of your company’s budget do you invest in your new Telephone Systems and your Voice & Data Network to make sure that it delivers what you need it to. So call Paramount Enterprises your telecommunications and IP Networks experts on 020-3488-1159 or visit us at and complete the application form so that we can discuss making your technology journey go smoothly.

Telecommunications Systems and Data Network Solutions:


I don’t blame you here’s so many new technologies out there I can understand why it’s confusing what we do for you at Paramount Enterprises we would decide whether both of our companies can work together for what we would do for you at first is that you’ll get a full network analysis.

We have to do that stage one before anything else that makes sure the network is properly ready and that’s why a lot of company system do not work the way they expect it to as the backbone which is the network. It has to not only be configured right but also has the ability to deliver the performance that you are looking for it to have.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on hardware if this is not correct, what you have to invest into your organisation both now and in the future.

Making Correct Choices When Choosing Your IP PBX Telephone System

02:04 Is it going to be a PBX like Panasonic or NEC, is it a VOIP Telephone system that you keep you on your premises with SIP trunks or a hosted voice platform.

02:21 Where just the phones are in your offices but everything else is in the cloud.

02:31 Once we decide that we will then plan a structured changeover from what you’ve got at the moment to your brand-new communications platform. Providing you the facilities required implemented from day one.

02:58 Thank you for listening what I’d like you to do now is complete the application form on the right hand side.

03:06 Tell us your goals for your company, how you’re set up at the moment then we will arrange a much longer one-to-one 6 conversation between us. Where we will then go through what we can do for you.

What you would like a company when we decide to work with each other and figure that we will be a good fit.

After that we can go ahead to proposal and analysation, so have a great day this is Neil from Paramount Enterprises thanks for listening.

I look forward to welcoming you to the communication family, look forward to seeing you on the other side,

take care good-bye.

Business Telephone System

Business Telephone Systems That Give Excellent Value For Money

Nowadays Business Telephone Systems are so much more than just a device to make and receive telephone calls. They have come such a long way that those that can still remember the basic functionality that they had, could never have imagined the things they can do today.

Their role in business today is more like a communications hub that can be connected to various different devices and systems to allow your organisation to fully benefit from the advancements in technology. Features like call recording, presence and remote working are all now just a matter of you deciding that what your business needs to do for it to be able to happen.

There are many major manufacturers who have provided solutions for companies of all sizes, allowing SME to compete with their larger corporate rivals. We are able to advice you on a wide range of different options, we have taken this route to market as we have found with our experience that one solution fits all does not work in the telecommunications industry.

Business Telephone Systems Solutions For Companies Of All Sizes
Business Telephone Systems Solutions For Companies Of All Sizes

What To Look For In Your New Telephone System For Your Business

This is according to our research the most important question that organisations need to work out first, as in our experience we have found that we have to work out what are you trying to achieve now plus where you see yourself in the future. Also how are you planning to locate your workforce in the future, your expansion plans also need to be noted. Then and only then would we be prepared to look at what would be the best solution for yourselves and make our recommendation.

To book a free analysis and consultation go to Paramount Enterprises main site and we will guide you step by step through the process of choosing your company’s new telephone system.



Which Telecoms Systems Are Right For Your Business

Your small business telecoms systems is due for a change, what are the next steps and options available for your company. First of all you must list down all of the things you would like your business communications system to do that your present one does not do at the moment.

Then you need to know if you are planning to expand roughly what size that you expect to grow to. As apart of your growth will you be keeping all of your staff located in your premises, or will you have a few, mobile, remote or home workers. Once you have work out the answers to the above then and only then will you be ready to contact  telecommunications companies to supply with a new telephone system for your business.

When decided on a company to consult with please make sure that they do not only sell products from one manufacturer if that it the case you will be facing what we call an one size fits all solution. In our years of experience with the telecommunications industry we have found that no one manufacturer has manage to achieve that.

Business Telephone Systems Solutions For Companies Of All Sizes
Business Telephone Systems Solutions For Companies Of All Sizes

How To Find The Correct PBX Telephone System

You need an organisation that has partnerships with several of the leading telecoms manufacturers, which will allow them to base their proposal on truly what is best for you mindset. As they can fit your requirements to their portfolio of different solutions. Also make sure that they can also supply the rest of your infrastructure needs as we have found that the best way to get things right is to have as few suppliers dealing with your project.

We at Paramount Enterprises fit all of the above criteria so would welcome to add you to our client list, we will first offer a free analysis and consultation of your present situation, then add the facts that you work out regarding your new requirements. Then we will go away and prepare a proposal for you to take advantage of yours please call us today on +44 7851 961819 where we will be glad to hear from you.