VOIP Phone Systems Are They The Future Of Communications?

VOIP System communication solutions are becoming more and more the go to remedy for many organisations, this trend is expected to continue for the next few years at least as technology allows for much better quality and security. Voice over Internet Protocol has made things possible that just not that long ago would have appear to be a fantasy.

The market for Hosted VOIP solutions according to the Cavell Group IP Voice market report that up to December 2016 there were 2,705,027 hosted seats, an 11.6% increase over the previous quarter in the United Kingdom. These figures have been consistently rising and do not look like stopping as more and more organisations see the benefits of not having their PBX hardware in there offices.

4 Things That An IP VOIP System Can Do For Your Business

  1. The way that you be able to communicate with your customers will be improved as you will be able to answer their calls no matter where you are. Therefore giving off a much better experience and giving you a big company profile.
  2. Your staff will be able to access the company’s communications platform from wherever they are securely. So no more waiting to get back to the office, or trying to access your network from an unsecured device.
  3. They is also a cost savings on both the cost of the system and also on the calls that you make. As your staff will be on the network when calling you these calls will be free of charge just as like their were in the office.
  4. Facilities like Call recording and Unified Communications would now become an affordable option to your organisation, no longer will it only be available to the big corporations.

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