Business Telephone Systems London Which Phone System Near Me Is Best For Your Company

London Telephone Systems for Business have come a long way from British Telecom’s Kingsman and Monarch PBX Key and Lamp phone systems. Those days a phone system was there just to make and receive calls, today the modern-day versions are a complete total communications solution.

As voice and data began to merge so the technology, connectivity and features today allow organisations to be able to both be connected and do more efficiently. No matter if the member of staff is in the office, on the road or at home. They are a few different communications systems available depending on either the size of your company or the facilities that you will need on either your new office telephone system or your small business telephone system UK options.

Different Types of Business Telephone Systems:

The first thing for you to understand is what are the different choices of telecommunication systems available on the market for you. There are primarily 3 types of phone systems for you to decide between, they are 1) Key Business Telephone System (KSU), 2) Private Branch Exchange System (PBX) and 3) Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). All three of these types of business phone systems can either be installed on premises on in the cloud.

Key Business Telephone Systems (KSU)


There are 2 different types of KSU phone systems which run and are set up in different ways. First there is the KSU-less which does not have a central control unit as the phones are connected directly to a power cord. The technical functionality of these systems are programmed straight into either the wired or cordless telephones. This telecommunication system solutions are suitable for small businesses with under 12 staff who do not make many calls and are not after certain high-end features.

Key Business Telephone Systems (KSU)

The Key Business Telephone Systems (KSU) is the bigger brother of the KSU-less which has both more features plus is able to expand to around 45 extensions. These systems need a central control unit to run and are really easy to use so normally there is a short learning process for staff to get use to it.

Staff will have to choose the telephone line required manually as does not have an automatic function to do this. Each person also has to have their own phone line for the system to work properly. The one drawback is that it has limited expansion options and lacks some of the features of both PBX and VOIP Business Telephone Systems. You will be able to add some of the PBX phone system features to it by making it into a Hybrid Telephone System which will allow it to do some of the functions of the other office phone systems available. 

Business Telephone Systems London Total Telecommunications Solutions
Business Telephone Systems London Total Telecommunications Solutions

Features Of A Key Business Telephone System:

Nowadays Key Telephone Systems can performed many functions and features that they can use. This has given small business some of the features previously only available to large businesses and corporate companies. The following are the main features of the Key Office Phone System.

  1. Voicemail = Your new small business phone system will take messages for you when you are away from the phone. Messages can be retrieved either when you get back or remotely with pass code.
  2. Call Recording = This allows your organisations to record calls between you and your customers, plus can also record internal communications. This facility is essential within certain industries due to the regulations that are in place in 2019. This will aid you if there are any disputes or claims against your company.
  3. Auto Attendant = With this feature you are able to record different greetings for your customers when they first call into your organisation. This allows you if you need to set up the business telephone system without a dedicated receptionist.
  4. Paging & Intercom = Will allow you to be able to contact and tell staff who maybe away from their desk and are needed urgently to response to something.
  5. Music On Hold = With this feature you get to play the music of your choice to your customers while they are waiting to get through to either the receptionist or to the correct staff or department.
  6. Caller Identification = This will show you the telephone number of the person or company that is trying to get through to you.
  7. Call Forwarding = With this features allows you to pass the telephone call unto another member of staff to get involve in the conversation.
  8. Conference Call = This feature allows you to have both internal and external conference calls between multiple people. Very beneficial when extra support and advice is needed to resolve the customer’s query.

Private Branch Exchange System (PBX)

The PBX telephone systems take your communications to another level, as they have both more features and flexibility. It is the most used business telecommunications system and is still making advances today. One of the major benefits over the KSU is that telephone lines will be automatically selected for you. Therefore you will not need each staff to have their own phone line. This way you can have the typical set up for medium & large business telephone systems to have more extensions than lines.

They make communications run smoothly as they can be set up just how you need it to be. They are also easy to expand so if you are a growing organisation you can rest assured that a PBX telephone systems will be able to grow with you. You will also be able to use the system for different points and it even allows for remote working. 

The advanced call recording and other functions make this the perfect system for small, medium and large organisations looking to take their telecommunication platform to the next level. They are suitable from 5 to 1000 staff so there is a solution for everyone. 

These systems can also be connected with your computer network to give you an integrated business telephone system near me that allows you to take advantage of the latest features now available.

Business Telephone Systems London Total Telecommunications Solutions
Business Telephone Systems London Total Telecommunications Solutions

Features of Private Branch Exchange System (PBX)

These systems have the facilities and features to suit the majority of companies no matter what size or how many staff they have. Great thing is that the very advanced features only need to added on to the telephone system for offices as and when they are required. Some of the main features of the PBX business phone systems are as follows.

  • Fully Featured Voicemail = This advanced feature allows your recorded voicemail calls to be accepted in different ways including remotely and by email.
  • Remote / Home Working = This enables your company staff to be apart of your telecommunication’s network even if they are working from home or on the road.
  • Scalable = These phone systems will grow with your organisation as they are fully able to be expanded to meet the needs of your company.
  • Softphones = This feature will enable you and your staff to integrate and work straight from their computer monitor allowing most flexibility in the work environment. 
  • Call Recording = This will enable you to stay within the legal framework for your industry, plus it is also good for staff training and coaching.
  • Call Management = Know where you are with your call expenditure and staff performance, you are able to produce detailed reports on various things, like missed calls, length of time spent on calls and much more.
  • Mobility = These telephone systems near me allow both wireless Dect handsets plus full mobile phones integration. This enables staff to be able to stay in touch even when they are on the move.
  • Unified Communications = You will be able to communicate with your staff and customers through multiple different channels like voice, text, and email.
  • Call Grouping & Routing = Always get the correct person to receive every call by being able to route calls to the right person or group.
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) = These voice systems can be be integrated with many of the leading CTI applications allowing both your voice and data to do together.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Telephone Systems

The newest entry into the medium business telephone systems portfolio is VOIP IP phone system. This technology has taken the market in a big way as it has allowed a much faster and cost-effective way to route your calls. These office phone systems use SIP Trunks over the internet instead of Analogue or ISDN lines as the traditional telephone systems use.

VOIP Telephony can be installed either on premises, hosted in the cloud where you only have the telephone handsets or they can work with your existing PBX to create a hybrid telecommunication system. There are many types of VOIP and SIP handsets available  used with these systems. They also allow you to use a certain amount of analogue phones within the installation therefore giving you a fully adaptable voice & data system.

One of the major things that’s needed for your IP PBX VOIP Phone system is to make sure that your Cabling and Network is both up to date and has enough capacity to be able to handle your new installation. Having enough bandwidth set up correctly is paramount if you want your voice & data VOIP system to work properly. So you should always have a full and complete Network Analysis done before you go ahead.

IP VOIP PBX Business Telephone Systems London Total Telecommunications Solutions
IP VOIP PBX Business Telephone Systems London Total Telecommunications Solutions

Infographics produced by Choose What:

Features of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Telephone Systems

VOIP Telephone systems are very versatile as they run over the internet so as long as you have the required network bandwidth you are good to go. These systems expand or reduced easily and cost effectively. So it is always the correct capacity for your organisation.

Some of the main features of VOIP telephone systems are as follows:

  1. Purchase Cost = Typically the cost of a cloud phone system UK works out more cost-effective than a traditional PBX phone system. As if it’s a hosted solution there is no need for any more hardware either purchased or installed.
  2. Call Recording = Allows you to record all phone calls both internal and external. Thereby making sure that you are following all legal regulations relevant to your industry. This is also useful for training staff as you are able to hear their conversations, and give suitable guidance.
  3. Automated Attendant = This feature will enable you to set up a sequenced call answering for your customer eg. 1 for customer service, 2 for sales etc
  4. SIP Handsets = More cost-effective telephones and a lot more flexible in their usage
  5. Remote Workers = Allow your staff connection to your network from different locations this gives your organisation maximum flexibility as for the best use of resources.
  6. Unified Communications = This allows you to receive your company voicemail via email, and enable you to know actually where a member of staff is when they are needed.
  7. Scalable = One of the major assets of a VOIP telephone system is that you are able to expand to what ever size that you need. So you can be confident that your purchase will be able to grow with your organisation and continue to be an asset.
  8. Simple to deploy extension management, presence and effective calls control so that you are always on top of the situation. 
  9. SIP Trunks = Much more cost-effective to deploy and install than ISDN, also more flexible in its operation giving you more reliability and security.

Hybrid Business Telephone Systems:

Hybrid telephone systems London are the most flexible of all the different types of office telephone systems. This is because it can combine all the 3 types of communications systems 1) VOIP, 2) PBX and 3) KSU. This will allow you to have a system precisely how your growing organisation needs it.

This way any feature that is needed can be implemented into the office hybrid system. So no matter what solution is wanted know that it can be achieved with this type of telephone systems near me. As it can also be use in a number of branches or home locations to make your communications run smoothly.

Types Of Hybrid Phone Systems:

Hybrid phone systems allow you to plan your growth strategically. There are 2 types of Hybrid Telephone Systems the first one is the one described above where you can choose which components you need.  From either a VOIP, PBX or KSU phone system. Companies are able to take advantage of VOIP plus the features of a Digital Phone System. Sometimes even being able to keep some of their current infrastructure. 

The second type of Hybrid office phone system which is becoming much more popular is as follows. One part of the system is on your premises and the other part of your communications platform is housed in the cloud. This gives you the best of both worlds and to plan your growth effectively.

Features Of Hybrid Office Telephone System:

With many versions of Hybrid telephone systems no matter what the requirement of your organisation there is a solution. Companies with many sites will be able to connect everybody up to the same main Office Phone System seamlessly. So if you are either have Hotels, Retail shops or many different branch locations there is a hybrid solution for you.

The main features of a hybrid telecommunications systems are as follows:

  1. Flexibility = You are able to combine the parts you want from VOIP, PBX or KSU systems to get the communications platform that you deserve.
  2. Telephone Lines = System can be used with either Analogue, ISDN Lines or SIP Trunks giving you the last choice in the set up that you need.
  3. Unified Voice Messaging = Auto Attendant and Call Routing Announcements for queuing callers (including time or place in queue)
  4. Hot Desking = This allow staff to be fond anywhere around the office without losing their earlier telecoms set up
  5. Remote / Home Working = Staff can connect to your hybrid communications system from any place with the company’s access approval.
  6. Audio Conferencing = To enable you to have either internal or external conference calls
  7. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) = This makes staff able to use the functions of the telephone system straight from their computer terminal.
  8. Call Recording = Do not get caught out with customer disputes, record all calls so that you are always aware what happened. Also good to see if staff are giving out the correct company information.
  9. Call Centre Solution = Can support the needs of supervisors in call centres, such as queue announcements, live status monitoring,activity reports, automatic conversation recording and Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Best Telephone Systems For Small Businesses:

So what is the best Small Business Telephone System near me for your organisation. This depends on a few factors such as if you  make many telephone calls or need advanced functions. Then either a Hosted VOIP System with basic features would prove the most cost-effective. If you want more control of your telephony system then  an on premises VOIP Telephone System or a small PBX. 

I say that as with any of the above 2 options you will not be as restricted when your organisation expands and need a larger communications system. With systems installed at your offices there will be added charges for installation, maintenance and SIP Trunks. Both solutions will need you to either buy or rent your Telephone Handsets and a network solution that can handle what you need.

We do a range of all types of telecommunications systems from many of the leading manufacturers like Panasonic, NEC, 3CX plus networks from BT Openreach. Call us on 020-3488-1159 or 07851-961819 or complete our contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.


Business Telephone Systems Solutions For You Today
Business Telephone Systems Solutions For You Today

London Business Telephone Systems IP VOIP PBX Systems Get In Touch With Us:

We are partner with several leading manufacturers such as Panasonic, NEC, 3CX, VoipOn and Spitfire. These companies have made it their duty to make sure that the telephone systems and hosted voip phone systems that they make have the features and benefits you need. This allows companies of all shapes and sizes to be able to take advantage of functions that not even 10 years ago only organisations with very big budgets could afford to carry out. Their product ranges spread from small business telephone systems all to enterprise level fully unified communications large business telephone systems.

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