Business Telephone Systems – Analogue, Hybrid, VOIP & Hosted Solutions From Panasonic, NEC, 3CX 

The Business Telephone Systems of today are really much more than just a product which just takes and receive phone calls. These days the PBX systems afford organisations so much more in terms of  features.  Plus also how they can be set up and attach to the data side of your company.

From the small business to the multinational company with offices in different locations. Paramount Enterprises has a phone system that will not only prove an asset to you now. It will also be able to grow as you expand your organisation. This is possible because we have years of experience within the telecommunications marketplace. Because of this we have a portfolio of the leading manufacturers in this industry as are partners.

Cabling & Network Infrastructure:

In our expert opinion before you even start to select the correct telephone system for your organisation. You will need to make sure first of all that your Network connectivity is adequate for the job ahead. One of the main reason the quality of voice calls are not perfect is because of the following. The network is either not set up correctly or does not have enough bandwidth to cope.

So a complete network analysis is always recommended by Paramount Enterprises before the commencement of any installation of a new system. This will make sure that the network is ready for the new system or it will tell us what is needed to be done.

Along with your network analysis you also need to fully apprise your companies cabling. This is as important as the voice and data network as the system needs both to do at its best. The worst  thing that you could do for your business is to install a brand new telephone system onto out of date cabling a it will seriously affect the performance of your communication platform.

We offer voice and data cabling installation throughout the United Kingdom, no job is too big or small as we deal with each of our customers in the same professional way. So for your Free Network and Cabling analysis either call us on 020-3488-1159 / 07851-96819 or complete the contact form

£2500 Government Grant Towards Your New Fibre Voice & Data Network:

Great news for business at present the Government is offering a grant of £2500 towards the cost of your new digital network. With this offer there is no need for any company to not put in the network of their choice. As this will enable you to take advantage of the faster speeds and operations of these networks.

After our survey we will let you know what is the correct solution for you. It could be a Leased Lines, Ethernet, SIP Trunks or Fibre, our job is to make it prove an asset to your company.

To see if your business qualifies for this limited time grant either call us on 020-3488-1159 / 07851-961819 or complete the contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly. The process is not long so you could have your brand new digital network sooner than you think.

Small Business Telephone Systems:

Today there are many choices in telecommunication systems for small businesses. With so many choices available to you I can fully understand if it can be confusing deciding what is the best option for your organisation. The first thing that you need to do is work out exactly what you be looking to do with your telecoms solution.

If you will not be making a lot of calls and are not looking for any extra connectivity to any advance functionality for your communications platform. Then I would say that you would have to decide between the following 2 types of Office Phone Systems.

a) Analogue Telephone Systems:

These system because they are not having to use the advance features and applications. This makes it one of the most cost-effective telephone system solutions available. They are very easy to set up and simple to use. Can work with the system digital handsets plus you can also use plain analogue handsets.

Panasonic are one of the leading manufacturers of this type of system with the Panasonic KX-TEA3-08 telephone system with comes with 3 lines and 8 extensions. This system cannot be expanded from its initial configuration, but for a small company with limited needs it will work a treat.

Panasonic KX-TES8-24 phone system comes with 3 lines and 8 extensions but can be expanded up to 8 line and 24 extensions. It uses the same handsets as its smaller brother the Panasonic KX-TEA3-08 with the same ease of use.

b) Simple Hosted VOIP Telephone System:

A simple Hosted IP VOIP telephone system is the most cost-effective way to acquire a new phone system. This is because unlike the other communication systems  you do not need to buy any hardware. You only need to buy the telephone handsets you want to use.

The reason for this is because the hardware part of the system is hosted in the cloud. You just need SIP Trunks and a good broadband connection to use all the features available. Normally you will have access to more functions than with an Analogue system. This is because most Hosted VOIP providers give much more features as standard.

Another advantage with the hosted solution is you have to be aware that British Telecom will not be servicing Analogue or ISDN telephone lines after 2025. So it may be better to build your new telecommunications system on future proof technology. We supply hosted VOIP solutions from a number of providers like Yeastar, 3CX, VOIPon and Spitfire to name some of our partners.

Medium Business Telephone Systems:

Medium business phone systems normally are more geared to the companies that need more from the telecommunications solution. Added features and application are more likely to be needed for organisations of this size. There is a wider choice of telecoms systems in this segment of the market.

These are normally companies who are expanding so need to make sure that the telephone system that they choose, needs to be able to grow with them. You are also having to deal with a more unified communication platform to deal with all of your company’s needs.

There are 3 different types of telecoms solution that fit into this bracket they are as follows:

a) Hybrid Telephone Systems For Medium Business:

Hybrid phone systems are the most versatile of all the business telephone systems available in the market at present. This is because these solutions can be configured to suit your needs. They can be any combination of Analogue, PBX or VOIP it solely depends on your organisation’s requirements. 

You can use either ISDN Lines or SIP Trunks even a combination of both can be installed. The feature list of these system cover all the major things needed for your company to have the platform it deserves. Some of them are Call Recording so that you can always know the full circumstances of any queries or complaints. Wireless solution via DECT Digital handsets allows you to answer calls from anywhere in the building. Unified communications giving the option to discuss with your staff and customers in many ways. Such as voice, text, email and video.

Two of the main hybrid business telephone systems are the Panasonic KX-NS700 and the NEC SL2110 phone systems. Both of these come fully features and are at the leading edge of technology. The NEC SL2110 can be expanded to 100 extensions while the Panasonic KX-NS700 telephone system can be expanded all the way up to 288 extensions.

b)  IP VOIP Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Telephone Systems:

These PBX VOIP Phone Systems take advantage of the latest innovations within the telecommunications industry. They work solely from an IP VOIP Network connecting to the internet via SIP Trunks. This allows companies to take advantage of the lower cost of telephone calls delivered via the internet.

IP PBX Telephone Systems allow businesses to take advantage of all the latest technology. This will make sure you are able to converse with both your customers and staff in many ways. Such as by email, video, voice, text and social media. This makes you able to give your customers choices on how to contact your organisation.

No matter where your staff are located they will be able to connect to the VOIP Telephone system. They will be able to use the features and applications. This will be done seamlessly through connecting via your new IP VOIP Network.

Two of the leading IP VOIP PBX phone systems on the market are the Panasonic NS1000 VOIP PBX Telephone system. This solution is ideal for medium and large size organisations with multiple sites. As it can be expanded all the way up to 8000 extensions. NEC SL9100 Office phone system is the other first class solution with its ease of use and connectivity to many premium applications.

Premium Advanced Hosted VOIP Telephone Systems:

The main advantage of an advanced hosted IP VOIP Phone Systems is that you do not have the capital cost normally associated with traditional PBX systems. This is due to not having to buy any hardware as that section of your communications solution is based in the cloud. You will just need to buy IP VOIP Handsets of your choice plus connect via SIP Trunks to the network.

These communication platforms give you access to the latest features and applications available all delivered remotely via the internet. Call Recording, Advance Call Routing and Mobile or Softphone connectivity are just some of the advanced features available for you. 

3CX Hosted VOIP Telephone systems near me are one of the leading as it both easy to use, it also gives you access to the many applications your organisation depend on. 3CX are always updating their systems to make sure their Hosted VOIP solution make it easy for you to communicate with your customers.

We also supply hosted ip voip solutions from VoipOn, Spitfire, NTA, Gamma and others. So we only propose a solution that we prove an asset and deliver a return on your investment.

Large Business Telephone Systems:

Telephone systems for large businesses need to deliver a fully unified communications solution. As companies of this size normally have several departments that need different functions and application to work at its best. The sales department will take advantage of features like remote working and Mobile phones operation where they are able to connect with just a login. Whereby Accounts will get more value from the database integrations that are possible with these solutions.

These business telephone systems are more complex due to the number of applications that normally need to be connected to them. The planning stage of these installations are there to include the pace and volume of the convergence to the latest voice & data telecoms systems

They need advanced call routing and reporting statistics to make it deliver the standard of performance desired. These large business telecommunications systems are the same as those for medium size companies. They will just be expanded version with more added applications and connectivity. 

Another major reason for this is that the price now for having an Unified Communication phone system is very cost-effective. It is the right time to let your business telephone systems make a positive impression of both your customers and staff. 

The Best Telephone Systems For Your Business:

We have access to business telephone systems for the majority of the major manufacturers. So you can be assured that when we are planning for your new installation our decision will only be based on what is best for you. We do this as not one PBX system that is suitable for everyone. So let us guide you through and use our knowledge of the current technology available in the market. To make sure that when you upgrade or change your current phone system you get the results and return on investment you deserve.

Business Telephone Systems Solutions For Companies Of All Sizes
Business Telephone Systems Solutions For Companies Of All Sizes

To discuss this further and see what benefits Paramount Enterprises can give to your business please either complete the contact form on this page or call us today on +44 7851 961819. We look forward to assisting you with the correct communications set up to help your organisation grow.