NEC Business SL2100 & SV9100 Phone Systems Solutions For Small, Medium & Large Business Telephone Systems

NEC Business Telephone Systems have been designed and updated to provide leading edge telecommunication solutions for organisations of all sizes. They have been making first class technology products for over 100 years now. They have become a household name in many other industries such as Televisions, Printers and Projectors.

This allows them to offer a complete communications platform for your company to build its solution on. As they also manufacture Servers and SD-WAN products you can rest asure that your telephone system will be built to last. No matter your requirements there is a NEC phone system and application to make it work properly for you.

Who Are NEC Business Systems:

NEC corporation is one of the leading telecommunications systems suppliers in the world. They have over 100 years experience in providing SMB to Enterprise telecoms, as well as Networking and Information Technology.

NEC has taken things a step further by making sure that they have a complete demonstration facilities within the United Kingdom. They also supply equipment to offer thorough demonstration at your organisation’s premises at a time to suit you. Put this together with the technical and engineering facilities offered by NEC makes for a proper proposal that would prove an asset for your business.

They have a totally Green policy running throughout their company so no need to worry about being enviroment friendly. NEC are leading the way in building innovative and future thinking solutions aimed at solving the world’s problems. Their telephone systems are built with the future in mind as they give you the ability to expand without the cost for expensive hardware units.

Despite the aftermath of the financial crisis and the slowing down of technology spending. NEC phone systems have enjoyed significant growth in the United Kingdom. This has been down to delivering communications solutions that offer value to their customers. They are always innovating and spend a lot on research and investment to stay ahead of the competition. Will always be a good organisation to deal with as their customer service is first class.

NEC SL1100 & SL2100 Smart Business Communications Systems:

The NEC SL1100 & SL2100 Telephone systems were made to make life easier for small & medium sized organisations. It can be configured from 5 extensions and expanded all the way to 100 extensions. This allows the SL2100 to grow with you and to add the additional functions as and when needed.


No matter what your company has planned for its new communication platform, these phone systems can be configured to achieve them. It will give you large organisations functionality if needed, so no problem in giving first class customer service to your clients.

The way we do business and the way we communicate is changing rapidly. Mobility has become the norm. Customer expectations have soared and budgets have shrunk.

The NEC SL2100 galvanizes your team. In turn, it creates a positive customer experience that generates repeat business.

It’s highly cost effective because there’s more built-in. With VoIP capabilities, it puts Unified Communications within reach of small businesses or it can be used as resilient TDM solution with future-proof upgrade potential. It also presents considerable savings and functionality over and above alternative hosted solutions.

Your business can’t afford downtime and nor can your communications. The SL2100 provides a reliable, ‘always-on’ solution. There’s less hardware, less licences, less maintenance to worry about and an easy to read SL2100 brochure to be more productive.