Panasonic NS700 – NS1000 Communication Assistant Software Application Suite:

Panasonic communication assistant productivity software suite is a highly intuitive unified communications solution that blends easy point and click telephony together with presence availability. Microsoft Outlook integration, visual voice messaging and a variety of collaboration tools to simplify and enhance real-time communications for business telephony users.

The software supports two types of deployments

a) CTI Server less deployment – for single site small to medium businesses

b) CTI Server based deployment – to support multi-site companies with up to eight separate office locations. The communication assistant client can be installed in four different modes depending on the set of features required. For personal productivity, You can easily make calls by simply searching for a desired contact from a customisable contact list. You can also see the phone status and PC status of employees in remote rooms or branches from the PC on your desk.

Communication Assistant Basic-Express – 

Point and click telephony features include the following:

a) Clipboard copy and dial = This allows you to copy phone numbers on to clipboard and then dial straight from there.

b) Outlook Integration = Full integration with Microsoft Outlook allows you to connect your email client to system

c) Snapshot contact presence = Allows you to take a snapshot of your contacts

d) Communication Assistant server support = Can be connected to an external server for more capacity

e) Personal presence control = This allows you to know where the other staff are located when calls come in

f) Instant Messaging = You will be able to send instant messages both internally and externally

g) Callback reminder pop up = This will remind you that you have a call you are supposed to make

h) LDAP support (outbound) = Lightweight directory access protocol this enables you to sort out your phone directories

i) Thin client mode support = Allows you to make a remote connection between either different offices or remote workers

j) Voicemail Assistant (with LAN enabled TVM only) = This will enable you to convert your voicemail into text or email

k) 10 contacts / 10 call history = The amount of contacts that can be saved on your extension


Panasonic Communication Assistant Professional Application Suite:

Intuitive point and click telephony – fully featured with real-time presence and availability indications.

Features same as Basic plus you also get the following:

a) 1000 Contacts = Makes you able to store up to 1000 of your contacts on system

b) 1000 Call History = Will save the history records of your last 1000 telephone calls

c) Conference Room Manager = Take full control of your conference calls you can book, connect and do group conference all from the console.

d) Outlook Integration = Is compatible with Microsoft Outlook so can be connected to your email client

e) Live Contact Presence = This makes you able to see before you action a telephone call if the other person is available or not

f) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Plug In Support = You will be able to fully integrate with your company’s customer relationship management software to make your overall management process simple and easy to do.

g) Group Member Toolbar = Able to see the present situation for all staff within specific group from your menu.

h) Exchange Calendar Integration (With CA Server) = This will allow you to integrate your company calendar with the Microsoft Exchange calendar so you only have to change events in one for it to show up in both.

i) 1st Party TAPI Support = With this feature you are able to make telephone calls directly from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

J) Networking Support With CA Server or NS1000 OneLook = This enables you to connect various sites together via one system control function.

Panasonic Communication Assistant – Operator Console:

For Operators or Receptionists, You can do call parking and call transferring with simple drag-and-drop operations in the graphical interface. Multi-site support is also available when using one-look networking.

A company receptionist can use the console application to quickly and easily handle all calls, professionally handing company communications between customers and colleagues.

Same Features as CA Pro plus:

a) Embedded Incoming Call Handling = You will be able to handle multiple incoming telephone calls from the Operator Console you can answer, queue and transfer to multiple points of your company.

b) Prioritise Incoming Call Order = This enables you to set calls and connect in the order most valuable for your business. So that you can make urgent enquiries get dealt with first.

c) Drag and Drop Park / Transfer = From the Operator Console you can easily use the drag and drop function to either Park or Transfer to different extensions depending on the state of play at any particular moment.

d) Extension Settings – FWD, Absent etc. = The Communication Assistant Operator Console makes you see in advance what is happening at each extension plus also the ability to set your own orders to these extensions.

e) Trunk Line Views = So that you can view all the company telephone lines and know exactly what status they are in.

Panasonic Communication Assistant – Supervisor:

Panasonic’s business communication assistant Supervisor is for Teams or Executive Users, The Supervisors can check each agents phone status and remotely log in a currently logged out agent’s extension. You can also be able to log out an agent’s phone in real-time with simple mouse operations and manage operators by listening in on telephone conversations and taking over calls.

The CA Supervisor application is an indispensable productivity tool for team managers and supervisors. The software allows team leaders an easy way to keep an eye on all their team members’ telephony communication activities. Group leaders can easily check team members’ phone status, call details, presence and availability – perfect for managing an informal call centre or a small team receiving customer calls.

You will also be able to check various call center statistics so that you are always on top of every situation.

In addition to the features supported by CA Professional, the following key features are additionally supported:

a) Team Member Controls = This feature allows you to listen to the telephone conversations of your staff. With the extra option that you are also able to intervene or take over any particular telephone call if needed.

b) Group Call Statistics = With this function you have access to a comprehensive set of statistics including number of calls, time to answer, time on each call, missed calls plus other important information that will help you manage your staff better.



Microsoft Exchange Server Integration

If a Panasonic Communication Assistant server is installed on your network, you can integrate a Microsoft Exchange calendar with CA Client. When Microsoft Exchange Server is integrated with the CA Client, your presence will automatically change according to the contents of your Exchange calendar.

Linking Communication Assistant With Your Phones

You can call customers by registering your number and customer numbers in CA. You can then use your mobile phone and home phone as extensions to have conversations with customers. This enables you to communicate with customers both inside and outside of the office without purchasing new phones, as long as you have an environment that supports CA.

Communication Assistant – Mobile

For Mobile Workers, This mobile client provides unified communications functionality voice call, chat, presence-sharing and desktop integration – with just one application.

Panasonic KX-UCMA IP Mobile Softphone:

This enables a computer to be used as a powerful IP telephone for access to anytime, anywhere Enterprise IP Telephony. User simply connect to the corporate IP network over managed broadband connection to enable the IP softphone. All employees can be centrally connected to the corporate OneNet. This provides simple yet highly cost-effective VOIP Communications.

The Panasonic Mobile Softphone is a simple but highly secure application that combines audio and visual communications in a mobile device, allowing employees’ smartphones to be registered as a company extension.

So whether they’re working in or out of the office, employees can make and receive audio and video calls without needing to use their private number.

  • Audio and video communication capable
  • Built-in Media Relay Gateway means no additional server required
  • Individual smartphones can be registered to a company extension
  • Ideal for any type of organization with mobile workforce
  • Easy-to-install app compatible with many existing devices

Combining audio and video

Compatible with the KX-NS & KX-NSX Unified Communications platforms, Mobile Softphone supports both audio and video conversation and uses built-in Panasonic telephony services so no more server equipment is required.

Video communication is possible between Mobile Softphone users, whether inside or outside the office network and in conversation with either Panasonic HDV430 SIP Terminals or NTV Series IP video door cameras for security and access control.

Freedom To Connect

With Panasonic Mobile Softphone, your smartphone becomes your company extension so essential telephony features such as call hold and transfer will be available wherever you work.

The Mobile Softphone also supports Push Notification so once you’re connected to the internet, any incoming calls can be immediately presented even when the application is closed and you need never miss a call or important opportunity again.

For more flexibility, the Mobile Softphone can automatically detect if you are inside or outside the office network and make sure you stay connected from wherever you work.

Reassuringly Secure

We understand how important security is to you and your business, so as well as Panasonic NS and NSX series built-in security features, the Panasonic Mobile Softphone also supports SIP-TLS (Transport Layer Security) for encrypted, unbreakable connectivity. So, with hacking risks absolutely minimized you get all the benefits of mobile communication with reassurance and peace of mind.