What Is VOIP Telephones Offering For Business SIP Telephone Systems – How Does It Work?

What is VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or has it is also commonly known as a telephone service over the internet. It’s also called Voice over Networks or (VoN), Voice over Broadband (VoB) and sometimes Internet Telephony. It is the technology that is changing the way that organisations all over the world can communicate both with their staff and just as important their customers. It is the primary technology that allows you to make telephone calls without using the traditional phone exchanges. 

As the voip phone calls are delivered over the internet so they are more cost-effective to make. This will save your organisation on your telephone bills. VOIP Free Calls are also part of the benefits as true end to end VOIP telephone calls are free.

How Does VOIP Work?

The question how does VOIP work is asked many times as what technology has made doing voice telephone calls on the internet possible. Put simply when you make a VOIP call it is converted to become digital signals that are then packaged to travel over the internet. One way to understand how VOIP works is this way, when you visit your social media networks on your laptop you are using the same phone line as your landline telephone.

This same line let you communicate in a number of ways like Social Media, phone calls, text messaging, Bing search engine and emails. You just decide what is going to be connected to the telephone line. This allows you to use many applications and features.

The reasons why voip to voip telephone calls are free is because you are using the internet. So just like if you visit Google on the web there is no need to pay as your monthly ADSL or Fibre connection covers that. So when phoning another VOIP end-user this will need no extra payment. Only calls to the public exchange network are charged for.

What Is VOIP Phone?

What is a VOIP Telephone it is the device that will allow you to make VOIP calls and use the network. A VoIP phone or IP phone uses voice over IP technologies to make and recieve phone calls. These calls are made over the Internet rather than over the public telephone network.

Digital IP-based telephone service uses control protocols such as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to transmit calls around the web. There are various types of VOIP Telephones so your options are good that you will get the featured handset suitable for you.

Types Of VOIP Phones:

There are 3 types of VOIP capable telephones that can be used to make these calls. Most phone devices available on the marketplace can be used with an IP VOIP Telephone system. So no matter your choice of functions or design that will always be suitable telephones for your business to utilise.

Desktop & Cordless SIP VOIP Telephones:

First we have desktop and cordless VOIP Phones which appear very similar to the handsets you are use to at present. The major difference is how these telephones connect to the network. They will use an IP protocol from your network running through SIP trunks.

These telephones as they are made for the unified communications market place have access to many more applications as standard. Many major manufacturers make telephone handsets for the VOIP market such as Yeastar, Cisco, Panasonic, NEC and Polycom to name some which we can supply to you.

To see the type of features they have please check out this page as some of our IP VOIP phones are there in more details for you.

VOIP IP Softphones:

The second type of telephones that can be used with VOIP are IP Softphones which allow you to access the VOIP features through your computer terminal. These are used either on your computer or smartphone and allow you to make and receive telephone calls. 

These also allow you to access the different applications and features offered by your organisations telephone systems. This all with out the need for a normal desktop phone.

Standard Desktop Telephone Handsets:

If you connect an analogue telephone adapter (ATA) to your usual desktop phones they can be used to make and recieve IP VOIP telephone calls. This allows you to upgrade to a full IP VOIP telephone systems at a pace that suits your company. 

As this is a simple connection no major upheaval is needed by your organisation.

One of the major benefits of voip telephones over the normal phone handsets near me is the number of applications it supports. Features like being able to use contacts from different accounts so your organisations has an universal telephone list. If you have Microsoft Sykpe or any other online telephone service, you will already be familiar with how a voip phone works.

Quality Of VOIP Phone Calls:

The Quality of Service (QOS} available on your network today makes sure that your telephone calls are both clear and precise. With the connectivity available along with the increased transmission speeds IP VOIP Telephones are quickly becoming the first choice when new system is needed.

The ever-increasing speed in which we are now able to connect, together with the improvement in both the QOS (Quality of Service) and network security has made the quality of the voice transmission very good. This has made it possible for an organisation to build their complete telecommunication infrastructure around it.

Ways To Connect A VOIP Business Telephone System:

There are a number of different ways today to get a voice over internet protocol network. First way is to replace your current telephone system  with a VOIP IP PBX System installed in your premises. This will give you all the needed applications and connectivity to make your company shine.

The second way that you can connect a VOIP Telephone System is to be hosted for you in the cloud so that there is less hardware needed for your offices. With this set up you only need to purchase the SIP handsets for your organisation. The rest of the hardware is located remotely. Whichever solution that you decide on, one of the most important thing is the quality of your network that the system is going to run on.

The major companies building this are British Telecoms, Talk Talk and Virgin Media together they have the majority of the country covered. Then there are second tier suppliers like Spitfire, Gamma and Colt who have connected to the above 3 in certain parts of the United Kingdom.

Different VOIP Networks Connections:

There are a number of ways to connect your IP VOIP Communications Systems to the internet. This will depend on the number of staff that will be using the system. Also how much voice and data traffic your organisation will be using to make sure that you have the correct bandwidth and speed.

First of all your Analogue and ISDN telephone lines will need to replaced with IP SIP Trunks. This will allow rapid connection to the network with added security. Then depending on the bandwith needed we will propose either ADSL, Fibre, Ethernet or direct Leased Lines.

Be sure that after our full voice and data cabling analysis the proposal we submit we prove an asset to you and provide a return on your investment. So for yours complete the contact form or call us today on 020-3488-1159 / 07851-961819

How Does VOIP Telephones Benefit Your Company:

It is going to allow you to communicate with your staff on your company telephone system no matter if they are in the office or not. You will see a return on your investment as well as cut the cost of your calls. We are here to discuss with you at anytime so that you can plan and activate the correct IP phone system set up for your business requirements both now and in the future.

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